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Water Cops "I'm Showing Up Late & Leaving Early" 7inch EP

by Water Cops



Short lived Detroit area combo featuring former members of bands. Four songs by four people jammed on to a 33 RPM 7 inch just for you. Did they break up? I don't know, but what I do know is that I have plenty of these records for you to buy.

Tot Topic
I'm Showing Up Late & Leaving Early
Let the Sunshine Out
The Other Shoe

Shannan Hibbard -
Keyboards / Vocals

Ryan Cady -
Drums / Handclaps

Chris Ostafinski -
Guitar / Vocals

Nicole Allie -
Bass / Vocals

Recorded in Chicago by Brian Cook (Panda Riot), and hand stamped and pressed to white vinyl right here in Detroit. What more could you want.

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